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New Oven/Stove Features

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Ovens are a worthy investment that enables you to whip up some nice meals for your family and friends. There are numerous types in the market today due to the technological innovations that crop up by the day. You can choose one depending on the purpose for which you intend to use your oven. Some may need it for home baking, commercial baking, or even for both home and commercial use. The folks at Baltimore Used Appliances gave the following information. We thank them for their insights.

New Oven

The different types of ovens fall under two main categories; gas and electric ovens. It is essential that you research well before purchase to find an oven that suits your needs. Some of the advanced features included in ovens today that make baking a more pleasant experience include;

Multi-level baking

Nowadays, you can bake several things at a time without worrying about mixing the tastes and the smell. This is enabled by the smart air distribution feature which ensures even baking on all levels. Therefore, you can cook multiple cookies, pizzas, etc., simultaneously. Some ovens have up to five levels of trays.


You don’t have to be in your house to bake a meal. These advancements now include timers which can be programmed to start and stop in your absence. It is very ideal and convenient for when you are out and about but still need to get some baking done. To read and program your oven, a digital display program may be of great help to you.

Energy efficient

Like all other electrical appliances, ovens are rated on an energy efficiency scale ranging from A to G. A worthy investment would be an A rated oven due to its environmentally friendly quality, which will consequently save you on energy use and electricity bills.

Self-cleaning ovens

There are two types of cleaning systems available; catalytic liners and pyrolytic cleaning systems. Catalytic liners break down the food spillage when the oven registers very high temperatures. This eliminates the need for you to scrub the oven walls.

The pyrolytic cleaning system, on the other hand, is a more advanced and thorough cleaning system. It works by cleaning every nook and corner of the oven, turning the dirt to ash, which is then simply brushed away. If your oven does not have both systems, ensure that it has a smooth enamel surface which resists food and fingerprint proof exteriors.

Fan-forced or Convection

Some ovens have fans which help with the even distribution of heat inside for even baking. This feature enables the oven to cook things more quickly.

These and more features will give your baking some edge and improve your skills; whether you are baking for fun over the weekend, or you are a professional chef.