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Factors to consider when selecting an Electrical / Electronic appliance to buy

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Trying to shop for a new electronic device can actually be quite daunting. Despite the fact that ordering an appliance to buy is as easy as clicking a mouse or tapping on a screen. There is an almost infinite abundance of options to choose from. This has increased the possibility of purchasing substandard or unsatisfactory products. It’s made worse if you don’t have any previous experience or theoretical knowledge about such devices. Here, we have put together a couple of things you should consider seriously. These will help to guide you in making purchases that are smart, safe and of course, cost saving.

Electronic Appliances


As far as electronics are concerned, bigger may not always be the better. The size of the device you need to use should be correlated with your exact needs. You do not need a giant maxi-sized refrigerator if you live alone in a medium-sized This is as opposed to a family with 5 kids where a large washing machine or dishwasher would be appropriate. So, before selecting an appliance to buy, consider what your requirements are and choose something that would fit your purposes.

Hardware Specifications

When you’re done sorting size, this all-important factor comes next. You need to be conscious and specific about the specifications of whatever gadget you plan to purchase. Power rating, for instance, is a big one. You need to be sure how much current and voltage your device requires to operate. This has more than one benefit. First of all, being conscious of the wattage will help you have an approximate idea of how much electricity the device will consume. Thus, you are in a better position to know if it is economical- electricity wise- to purchase the device. Also, the electricity supplied from your wall outlets may be too high for the gadgets rating, thereby zapping and destroying it. Knowing the wattage will help you take preemptive action like getting a power surge protector to prevent damage from high voltages.


When version is mentioned, it’s normal to want to think about getting the latest and most expensive edition of an appliance. Wrong! What we mean here is that you should be sure that the gadget you’re purchasing will be compatible with other appliances you need to use them with. You don’t want to purchase a device on which you would need to spend even more money to adjust it before becoming functional.


You can always check what other people have to say about the particular device you wish to purchase. Websites like Amazon have reviews from customers who have bought different goods and will share their experience using a star rating system. There are also other websites that are totally dedicated to writing reviews about products considering their pros and cons. You should, however, exhibit caution when reading online reviews as some of them are rigged by the sellers in order to attract unsuspecting buyers.

New Oven/Stove Features

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Ovens are a worthy investment that enables you to whip up some nice meals for your family and friends. There are numerous types in the market today due to the technological innovations that crop up by the day. You can choose one depending on the purpose for which you intend to use your oven. Some may need it for home baking, commercial baking, or even for both home and commercial use. The folks at Baltimore Used Appliances gave the following information. We thank them for their insights.

New Oven

The different types of ovens fall under two main categories; gas and electric ovens. It is essential that you research well before purchase to find an oven that suits your needs. Some of the advanced features included in ovens today that make baking a more pleasant experience include;

Multi-level baking

Nowadays, you can bake several things at a time without worrying about mixing the tastes and the smell. This is enabled by the smart air distribution feature which ensures even baking on all levels. Therefore, you can cook multiple cookies, pizzas, etc., simultaneously. Some ovens have up to five levels of trays.


You don’t have to be in your house to bake a meal. These advancements now include timers which can be programmed to start and stop in your absence. It is very ideal and convenient for when you are out and about but still need to get some baking done. To read and program your oven, a digital display program may be of great help to you.

Energy efficient

Like all other electrical appliances, ovens are rated on an energy efficiency scale ranging from A to G. A worthy investment would be an A rated oven due to its environmentally friendly quality, which will consequently save you on energy use and electricity bills.

Self-cleaning ovens

There are two types of cleaning systems available; catalytic liners and pyrolytic cleaning systems. Catalytic liners break down the food spillage when the oven registers very high temperatures. This eliminates the need for you to scrub the oven walls.

The pyrolytic cleaning system, on the other hand, is a more advanced and thorough cleaning system. It works by cleaning every nook and corner of the oven, turning the dirt to ash, which is then simply brushed away. If your oven does not have both systems, ensure that it has a smooth enamel surface which resists food and fingerprint proof exteriors.

Fan-forced or Convection

Some ovens have fans which help with the even distribution of heat inside for even baking. This feature enables the oven to cook things more quickly.

These and more features will give your baking some edge and improve your skills; whether you are baking for fun over the weekend, or you are a professional chef.

Tips on Fixing Appliances

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If you are a homeowner, you are very familiar with the experience of broken down household appliances, sometimes even all together at once. To top it off, the timing is always wrong; perhaps you are in a rush to leave for work, you want to do the laundry, or worse still, you just want to whip up some nice dinner after a long day at work. In these kinds of emergency situations, you don’t have to rely on an expert; especially if it will mean waiting for long hours which will be a big inconvenience. Learning how to fix the issue yourself is also a sure way to save some bucks.

used refrigerator

Most of us if not all, are completely clueless about how appliances work. Therefore, when it breaks down, we aren’t able to come up with a diagnosis and certainly can’t fix it. Some background information is relevant for an idea on how to go about repairing broken appliances.

Functioning of Appliances

Small appliances have a relatively simple system mostly comprising of a fan, a heating element, a set of blades or rotating beaters. Their mechanical linkages are quite simple, and so repair is not a big problem. Larger machines, on the other hand, have a more complex system which is mostly divided into mechanical components and control devices. This complexity makes it difficult to detect the source of the malfunction.

Take a dryer for instance; the mechanical components turn the drum while the control system regulates the heat. Therefore, if the drums don’t turn, you know you are dealing with a mechanical problem. If the dryer doesn’t heat, you know you are dealing with a control device problem. This is a good place to start as it narrows down your options.

Here are some tips on how to deal with some of your major appliances. Before you take your screwdriver and start tearing your machine apart, ensure you do the following;

  1. Disconnect the gas and power supply before you start testing or trying to diagnose a problem.
  1. If the parts are fastened together with bolts, screws, plugs, etc., you can proceed with the repairs. However, if rivets and welds have been used instead, seek services from a professional.
  1. Replacement in most cases is a better option than repair. Make sure to get parts sold for that particular appliance; if possible, the exact brand. Substitution of other similar parts for when you cannot find the replica is also allowed. As long as it fits perfectly and you follow the instruction manual on installation.
  1. Check if the appliance is properly plugged in and that the outlets are working properly.
  1. Check for the circuit breakers to see if they have blown up or tripped. Make sure the fuses have not blown too.
  1. Check for adequate water, power and gas supply for the appliances that apply.
  1. Refer back to the instruction manual for a guide on installations and tackling common problems facing the machine.

One of the leading causes of breakdown for appliances may be something as simple as inadequate power supply. Make sure your devices are receiving enough power before embarking on any repairs. Different appliances will need different techniques but the systems that make up the machines are generally the same. DIY repairs are easier, more convenient and more economical.

Wine Refrigerator Features

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Also known as coolers, wine refrigerators are designed to maintain cool temperatures for serving wine and for storage purposes. Some coolers are however not suitable for long storage and aging of fine wine as they lack humidity control. There is a wide assortment of high quality and latest technology wine coolers to choose from. They range from small counter-tops to high capacity commercial models. Our friends at Maryland Used Appliances ( helped us with the information for this article.

wine for refrigerators

Keep those bottles chilled for unwinding after a long day at work, catching up with family and friends or for that work celebration with your colleagues. Not only do they keep your wine chilled, but they also greatly enhance the appearance of your home. A lot of stylish designs that match with your decor exist in the market. They also come in different sizes and colors.

Features to look out for When Choosing Wine Refrigerators

Intended Location

It is important to consider the location that you want your wine cooler placed. Freestanding, counter top or recessed into your cabinets.

Front Venting

It helps in standalone or in-built installations.

Dual Zones

For both white and red wines as they will need to be stored at different temperatures.

Rolling Shelves

Provides spacing for large bottles as compared to sliding shelves

Tinted Glass

They block UV rays and light keeping the temperatures inside stable.

Low Vibration

This feature enables silent operations which is one of the best modes to store wine in. Adjustable legs may also help with this.

Lockable Door

Choose one with lock and a key to safeguard and monitor wine collection.

Constant Temperature

Wines need constant moisture levels of between 55-70% and constant temperatures of between 53-57 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you plan on storing your wine for more than 12 months, a wine cellar is a better option. They are specially designed for long term storage and larger capacity than wine refrigerators.

Fancy Features for Refrigerators

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Features Available for Refrigerators

With so many styles and models available today in the market, one may feel lost when shopping for a fridge. The growing market calls for innovations and advancements in different electronic devices and refrigerators are not an exception. Modern refrigerators contain some features that enable the refrigerators to function at an optimum. Some of these exciting features that we found on refrigerators include;

Temperature Control

In this modern era, there has been an introduction of digital temperature controls in fridges. Unlike before, all one was required to do was turn on a dial. Top quality refrigerators these days enable one to set precise temperatures. This type of accuracy significantly enhances food safety.

Temperature Zones

Different foods require different temperatures for preservation. Multiple temperature zones allow the user flexibility to set temperatures zones independently. Fruits, vegetables, meats, etc., can be contained in the same fridge but kept at different temperatures.

Modern Lighting

Premium refrigerators have now incorporated low-power LED lighting. It is more energy efficient than the heat emitting bulbs which interfere with the purpose of keeping food cold. They also make visibility easier when you wake up for your glass of milk in the middle of the night.

Open Spaces

To ensure there is proper cooling of stored food in the fridge, proper air circulation needs to be present. Fridges these days are being designed with bigger spaces to increase the storage capacity. This way, the fridge can accommodate more food and still operate at an optimum.

Versatile Configurations

Refrigerators have different compartments for different purposes. The user does not feel restricted because these fridges allow one to change them up to suit their purpose. You can alter the refrigerator to a freezer, and the reverse is also possible.

Some fridges have sliding shelves that allow the user to conveniently arrange food items in the refrigerator or add their own extra shelves.


These refrigerators can now be configured on compatible devices to send you alerts, power usage and much more. Believe it or not, some have built in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you entertained in the kitchen.

Adjustable Humidity

If you are planning to store a lot of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, consider getting a fridge with such features. These controlled drawers are built in to keep your veggies fresh. Some even allow the user to keep the stems wet and leaves dry by placing them in a container with water.

Water Dispensers

These have become a common attribute of fridges, and they evolve as time goes by. Some have an automatic or measured filling system which detects the size of your cup or glass and fills it without spilling. These measurements are an excellent way to help with your cooking and baking too.

While getting water from the fridge is no big deal, obtaining hot water from your fridge is. Hot water dispensers have also grown popular and are being used to make tea, warm the baby’s bottle, etc.

Special Power Modes

Some fridges have unique modes that allow the user to speed up the cooling process temporarily, for food safe temperatures.

Door Alarms

To prevent food and energy waste, some doors of refrigerators will chime or beep when the door isn’t fully closed.

You can see examples of some of these things at the LG website.

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Major Appliances in Your Home

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Whether you’re used to purchasing your appliances from a big-box retailer or a reputable local store, your intention is to have something that will serve you for the longest time possible. If you have a vehicle, you know that it needs tune up and servicing on a regular basis to ensure it functions properly and to extend its mileage. The same applies to every major appliance in your home. As a matter of fact, maintaining your home appliances will help you prevent costly repairs while making sure they last longer. Furthermore, your appliances will utilize less energy which means less energy bills at the end of every month.

kitchen appliances

The benefits that come with having well-maintained appliances in your home add up to more savings in terms of the expenses incurred. Many homeowners don’t know what they need to do when it comes to maintaining their appliances and making sure they spend less on repair costs. Here are tips that will help you ensure your major appliances stand the test of time.

Ensure your Freezer and Fridge Remain Clean

Home appliances function and operate well when they are clean. Always make sure the leftovers in the refrigerator are cleaned up. Another key areas that should always be kept clean are the gaskets and refrigerator coils. Cleaning these parts will allow air to easily flow inside the refrigerator thus conserving energy. Be sure to use a condenser coil brush when cleaning the refrigerator coils.

When it comes to cleaning your freezer, use baking soda solution and water. You should, however, clean it after removing everything including the food and unplugging it. Rinse using water and allow it to dry before you plug it back. You can use a dry piece of cloth or towel to dry it faster

Don’t Strain your Clothes Washing Machine

Your clothes washing machine makes your work easier when it comes to cleaning your clothes. We both know that you can’t do without it. Overloading it will strain most of the machine parts making it difficult for the washing machine to clean your clothes. Furthermore, it will reduce the machine’s lifespan. This doesn’t mean you should under-load the clothes washing machine. It’s, therefore, important to follow the guidelines on the manufacturers manual. One of the signs that you’ve overloaded your washing machine is when you see it banging around after adding your laundry.

Avoid Using Dish Soap in your Dishwasher

A faulty gasket on your dishwasher can affect the way it performs. It’s important to clean the gasket to prevent any leaks. In addition to cleaning the gaskets, you shouldn’t use dish soap in the machine as it may hamper its performance. Only use the recommended dish detergent.

Don’t foil your Oven

First of all, don’t clean your oven using the wrong substance. When cleaning around the stovetop consider using warm water or vinegar. Using aluminum foil in the baking element can damage your oven. According to experts, this is wrong.

Clean the Dryer

If you’ve been doing your laundry, you probably are aware how the lint trap should be cleaned. Its not enough to just clean this part. You should go further and deep clean it to get rid of any dust and lint that could have collected. Just like the clothes washing machine, overloading your dryer will strain its parts and affect the performance of the appliance.