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Month: August 2017

Wine Refrigerator Features

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Also known as coolers, wine refrigerators are designed to maintain cool temperatures for serving wine and for storage purposes. Some coolers are however not suitable for long storage and aging of fine wine as they lack humidity control. There is a wide assortment of high quality and latest technology wine coolers to choose from. They range from small counter-tops to high capacity commercial models. Our friends at Maryland Used Appliances ( helped us with the information for this article.

wine for refrigerators

Keep those bottles chilled for unwinding after a long day at work, catching up with family and friends or for that work celebration with your colleagues. Not only do they keep your wine chilled, but they also greatly enhance the appearance of your home. A lot of stylish designs that match with your decor exist in the market. They also come in different sizes and colors.

Features to look out for When Choosing Wine Refrigerators

Intended Location

It is important to consider the location that you want your wine cooler placed. Freestanding, counter top or recessed into your cabinets.

Front Venting

It helps in standalone or in-built installations.

Dual Zones

For both white and red wines as they will need to be stored at different temperatures.

Rolling Shelves

Provides spacing for large bottles as compared to sliding shelves

Tinted Glass

They block UV rays and light keeping the temperatures inside stable.

Low Vibration

This feature enables silent operations which is one of the best modes to store wine in. Adjustable legs may also help with this.

Lockable Door

Choose one with lock and a key to safeguard and monitor wine collection.

Constant Temperature

Wines need constant moisture levels of between 55-70% and constant temperatures of between 53-57 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you plan on storing your wine for more than 12 months, a wine cellar is a better option. They are specially designed for long term storage and larger capacity than wine refrigerators.

Fancy Features for Refrigerators

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Features Available for Refrigerators

With so many styles and models available today in the market, one may feel lost when shopping for a fridge. The growing market calls for innovations and advancements in different electronic devices and refrigerators are not an exception. Modern refrigerators contain some features that enable the refrigerators to function at an optimum. Some of these exciting features that we found on refrigerators include;

Temperature Control

In this modern era, there has been an introduction of digital temperature controls in fridges. Unlike before, all one was required to do was turn on a dial. Top quality refrigerators these days enable one to set precise temperatures. This type of accuracy significantly enhances food safety.

Temperature Zones

Different foods require different temperatures for preservation. Multiple temperature zones allow the user flexibility to set temperatures zones independently. Fruits, vegetables, meats, etc., can be contained in the same fridge but kept at different temperatures.

Modern Lighting

Premium refrigerators have now incorporated low-power LED lighting. It is more energy efficient than the heat emitting bulbs which interfere with the purpose of keeping food cold. They also make visibility easier when you wake up for your glass of milk in the middle of the night.

Open Spaces

To ensure there is proper cooling of stored food in the fridge, proper air circulation needs to be present. Fridges these days are being designed with bigger spaces to increase the storage capacity. This way, the fridge can accommodate more food and still operate at an optimum.

Versatile Configurations

Refrigerators have different compartments for different purposes. The user does not feel restricted because these fridges allow one to change them up to suit their purpose. You can alter the refrigerator to a freezer, and the reverse is also possible.

Some fridges have sliding shelves that allow the user to conveniently arrange food items in the refrigerator or add their own extra shelves.


These refrigerators can now be configured on compatible devices to send you alerts, power usage and much more. Believe it or not, some have built in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to keep you entertained in the kitchen.

Adjustable Humidity

If you are planning to store a lot of herbs, fruits, and vegetables, consider getting a fridge with such features. These controlled drawers are built in to keep your veggies fresh. Some even allow the user to keep the stems wet and leaves dry by placing them in a container with water.

Water Dispensers

These have become a common attribute of fridges, and they evolve as time goes by. Some have an automatic or measured filling system which detects the size of your cup or glass and fills it without spilling. These measurements are an excellent way to help with your cooking and baking too.

While getting water from the fridge is no big deal, obtaining hot water from your fridge is. Hot water dispensers have also grown popular and are being used to make tea, warm the baby’s bottle, etc.

Special Power Modes

Some fridges have unique modes that allow the user to speed up the cooling process temporarily, for food safe temperatures.

Door Alarms

To prevent food and energy waste, some doors of refrigerators will chime or beep when the door isn’t fully closed.

You can see examples of some of these things at the LG website.